On the Easier Love EP:

“Gabrielle Marlena might have created one of the greatest breakup albums of all time.” - LADYGUNN

“A break-up effort for the ages.” - Vanyaland

“The album is one that you’re bound to play over and over.” - Groundsounds

Gabrielle’s next project MANNERS will be out in June of 2019. 

After a solo tour and a car crash in the fall of 2017, Gabrielle Marlena brought us her EP Easier Love, a relatable diary entry full of necessary self-reminders during the search for passion as well as comfort and security. Then, 2018 brought Gabrielle back to the chaos of daily NYC life, where she worked on holding down a demanding 9-5, taking care of her body, balancing friends and family, and trudging through a bleak dating scene. 2018 was the year Gabrielle decided to create a world for herself on her own terms. After some messy learning experiences and several revelations about what being a woman in her 20s is all about, Gabrielle Marlena offers us the gift that is Manners: a biting exposé about a woman choosing her own definition and taking back power over her emotions. The album is out on June 28th, 2019. A confessional as always, the album hosts occasional self-doubt followed by cautious self-assurance. With an unfaltering vocal performance that feels like honey, roasted marshmallows at a campfire, and your best friend whispering in your ear all at once, Gabrielle owns her sadness while boldy calling out the people who have hurt her and demanding respect from those that surround her. But Manners is also full of a softness and a maturity we haven’t yet seen from Gabrielle. Full of stories that make us all feel something, this album reminds us to listen to ourselves always, but to never forget to step back and see the big picture. With the raw vocal performance of Lucy Dacus, the tenderness of Julia Jacklin, and the badass candor of Alanis Morissette, Manners will steal your focus.

Gabrielle Marlena is an indie folk/pop singer-songwriter based in Brooklyn, NY. After spending her early 20s hopping between cities and continents, Gabrielle has developed a restlessness, an independence, and a confidence that are hard to challenge. That being said, life is not always satisfactory for someone who knows what she wants. Gabrielle writes with a sharp tongue and a heavy heart about wanting more but learning to adjust expectations and find peace of mind. Her third soul-baring release Manners showcases her delicate yet strong vocals and knack for honest and powerful songwriting as never heard before.