“Gabrielle Marlena might have created one of the greatest breakup albums of all time.” - LADYGUNN

“A break-up effort for the ages.” - Vanyaland

“The album is one that you’re bound to play over and over.” - Groundsounds


Brooklyn-based songstress Gabrielle Marlena’s debut album Good Music For You is an intimate femme-fatale folk tale immersed in a world of pain and new beginnings. Produced by Katie Buchanan over the fall of 2016, the record is not so much a ”breakup album" as a diary of vulnerable self-reflection. It's an intense sing-along of Gabrielle’s most intimate experiences, in her honey-coated, yodeling vocals. Writing the album helped turn the healing process into something beautiful and inspiring that fills the emptiness that follows heartbreak with a powerful soundtrack.

Gabrielle grew up in Connecticut with a mother who would sing old union folk songs around the house, and she started writing music during her summers at Camp Kinderland, singing songs in the Berkshires day and night. When she was 12, inspired by Avril Lavigne, she asked for guitar lessons. Gabrielle moved to Montreal at 18 for university, and she quickly found herself in the heart of an eclectic music scene where she was able to hone her craft. She then moved to NYC in 2016 to perform and record her debut album, and has played popular venues such as The Bitter End, Rockwood Music Hall, Pianos, Arlene’s Grocery, Pete’s Candy Store, and the Delancey. She plans to go on tour across the country in October and November of 2017 to promote her debut album.